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Editions Tradulex

As part of its work to promote quality in translation, tradulex created Editions Tradulex, which publishes works that address topics on translation and related sciences.

Any entity that is interested in publishing works with support from tradulex is asked to contact

Works published by tradulex:

- Proceedings of the IALB-ASTTI Conference of 13 & 14 November 2009, in Geneva: The World in Crisis - And the Language Industry?

- Proceedings of the AILE-tradulex Conference of 1st-2nd October 2010, in Lisbon : Language and Business Today and Solutions for Tomorrow

- Proceedings of the ASLING Conference of 27-28 November 2014, in London : Translating and the Computer 36

- AIETI7 Conference of 29-31 January 2015, in Malaga, "New Horizons in Translation and Interpreting Studies": Abstracts - Full papers

- Proceedings of the LEXYTRAD Conference of 26-27 June 2015, in Malaga: "EXPERT Scientific and Technological Workshop"

- Proceedings of the ASLING Conference of 26-27 November 2015, in London : Translating and the Computer 37

- Europhras 2015: Computerised and Corpus-based Approaches to Phraseology: Monolingual and Multilingual Perspectives (Full papers)

- MUMTTT2015: Proceedings of the Workshop on Multi-word Units in Machine Translation and Translation Technology, Malaga, Spain, 1-2 July, 2015

- Proceedings of the ASLING Conference of 17-18 November 2016, in London : Translating and the Computer 38 

- Proceedings of AIETI8 Conference of 8 March 2017, in Madrid: Beyond limits in Translation and Interpreting

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