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What tradulex does

tradulex professionals strive to meet customer requirements and to comply with special requests. To provide the very best service, the members work as a network in a small number of languages and specialties.

Our languages are English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian.

The main fields of expertise are IT and technology, banking and finance, law, economics and management, marketing, continuous training, development aid and public health, medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Should a customer request other languages or fields, tradulex will gladly recommend an experienced colleague or subcontractor. 

Finally, tradulex uses modern high technology that helps us deliver high-quality translations at a competitive price and with the shortest possible yet realistic deadlines.

tradulex teams are project-specific. Team members are highly experienced translators and/or terminologists with in average of over 20 years of professional experience. There is a coordinator assigned to every team to assist with terminology and technology. This allows the translators to devote all their energy to the project, leaving "administrative" tasks to someone else. 

Through their training and their professional practice, tradulex members have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in terminology and they use these skills every day in their work. Together we have created extensive subject-specific glossaries and databases for their projects. Upon request, these glossaries can be made available to the customer to enhance terminology consistency within an organisation.

In addition to these main activities and in connection with them, tradulex members work in fields such as editing, copyright, creation of multilingual documents and websites and translator training. They know translation theory and have authored books on a variety of subjects related to translation. 

With our network structure, tradulex is able to ensure that every translation is always checked and crosschecked by at least one other professional. Our approach has been endorsed by a large number of customers who trust our services, including international governmental and non-governmental organisations, national governments, banks, courts of law, attorneys, multinationals and other large and small businesses.


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