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Past performance

tradulex began as a network in 2000 to accommodate the translation needs of a multinational and a few requirements of an International Trade Secretariat. Both of these customers were publishing quarterly multilingual magazines and needed a team ready to be flexible and fast.  

To strengthen their successful collaboration, tradulex members agreed to the network for some projects that they would have rejected if this structure had not existed. This allowed us to handle some important customers, such as United Nations Agencies, International Organisations, Swiss and International Banks and others.

The projects assigned by these customers were translations from and into English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Document size ranges from 10-15 pages to 200 pages. The rates cover the full range of prices usually charged in both the public and private markets. In general, the price factor, although quite obviously a consideration, is not our customers’ only concern, as their first priority is quality, which matches the tradulex vision of translation work: quality, quality and quality.

It is important to mention that the flexibility and availability of our teams is key in our ability to respond to last-minute and urgent special requests. The technological proficiency of the tradulex network is also useful for handling materials in formats other than traditional MS Word, including PowerPoint, Excel, XML, Adobe Acrobat, etc. It should be noted that we have always successfully made the necessary conversions to solve any problems. 

In addition to working with tradulex, our members keep their personal customers when volumes and language pairs can be dealt with outside the network. These non-network assignments cover a whole gamut of fields of expertise and the experience the translators acquire is very useful when working on tradulex projects.


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