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How tradulex works

When a request comes to tradulex, the member who receives it checks the content of the documents with the network’s areas of expertise and language capabilities. Next, that person checks the availability of human resources and the possibility of complying with the technical requirements and the deadline. In some cases, if so requested, an estimate is prepared and given to the customer.

After receiving the firm order, the team is created, a coordinator is assigned to the project, and all specifications for the customer are analysed in depth. The coordinator is in contact with the customer for all administrative and technical matters, although tradulex tries to limit contacts with our customers to resolving important issues.

In addition to the coordinator and standard printed reference materials, the professional translators may consult their dedicated private website where they can find all the documents already translated for the same customer together with the originals. This website also contains substantial reference materials, such as links to the most trusted sites in each area of expertise and specialized dictionaries and glossaries. A tradulex interactive terminology database, divided by fields, is currently being implemented and will make it possible to search several terminology sources simultaneously. The team members also consult each other on specific aspects or for other thorny questions because, as we say, "two heads are better than one."

Once the translations are completed and after a second professional has revised them, they are forwarded to the coordinator, who makes one final formal check and ensures that the work is consistent with that of the other team members. Generally, at tradulex, a document is not "split," meaning that it is not assigned to more than one translator for consistency’s sake. 

Once the translated document is delivered to the customer, there is still an important stage in tradulex: the debriefing. This is when the team members submit their questions and solutions as well as the new validated terminology they found. This allows Tradulex to further improve the quality of our work for future projects for the same customer.

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