ATINS Code of Ethics

1.0 - Translation and interpretation are professional activities which suppose the possession of certain skills and knowledge and which entail certain obligations and responsibilities.

1.1 - This Code sets out the obligations and responsibilities of members of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Nova Scotia. Members are answerable to the Association for any breach of the Code of Ethics.

2.0 - Translation is a professional activity which has as its aim the transposition of various kinds of texts from one language into another and which requires, among other things, excellent knowledge of the source language and mastery of the target language.

3.0 - Interpretation is a professional activity the purpose of which is to convey, in a given language and for a given audience, the content of oral messages produced in another language. Interpretation may be simultaneous or consecutive. It requires, among other things, excellent knowledge of the source language and mastery of the target language.

4.0 - Translators and interpreters must have extensive general knowledge and a good grasp of the subject matter dealt with in their work. They have an obligation not to undertake work for which they are not qualified.

5.0 - The aimed-for ideal in translation and interpretation is equivalence of meaning and style between the original and its translation or interpretation. This principle is not however to be understood to exclude adaptation occasionally made necessary by the nature of the intended use of the message.

6.0 - Translators and interpreters shall assume full responsibility for their work. They shall practice their respective professions with integrity. They shall respect the rights and the interests of their clients and their employers, including confidentiality of privileged information.

7.0 - Members shall accept remuneration in accordance with generally accepted rates and shall not claim to have skills which they do not have or credentials to which they are not entitled. They shall in addition always endeavour to ensure that conditions are conducive to the provision of services of professional quality.

8.0 - Members of the Association shall undertake to the extent this may be possible to cooperate with their colleagues, to support organizations which represent the profession and to give help and encouragement to beginners in the profession.