International Association of Conference Translators


In addition to complying with the provisions of the Professional Code of the International Association of Conference Translators, the contractual translator shall respect the following rules relating to his or her work with international conferences and organizations, as defined in article 2, para. 2 (a), of the AITC Constitution.

Article 1

The contractual translator shall be motivated at all times by a concern to establish or maintain relations of mutual trust with his or her employer, in accordance with their respective interests and those of the Association.

Article 2

The work of the contractual translator shall be of the highest possible quality. The contractual translator shall refuse any task that he or she feels is beyond his or her competence. The contractual translator shall respect the established deadlines, meet the terms agreed with the employer for the physical presentation of the translated document and undertake any linguistic, terminological or other research that may be necessary, on the understanding that the employer will provide any documents and reference material likely to contribute to the quality of his or her work.

Article 3

The contractual translator shall not be obliged to undertake elaborate formatting of translated documents (columns, tables, graphs, etc.), particularly those provided by electronic means. Any operations of this nature shall be the subject of a separate agreement and shall be remunerated separately.

Article 4

The contractual translator shall guarantee that his or her translation is the exclusive product of his or her own work, and shall not engage in subcontracting, except by agreement with the employer.

Article 5

The contractual translator shall respect the confidential nature of the texts and data provided.

Article 6

The contractual translator shall refrain from any action likely to impair the solidarity of the profession. To this end, he or she shall reject any requests to tender and shall refuse any piece of work to be carried out under conditions or on terms not corresponding to the established norms.

Article 7

In order to update his or her skills, the contractual translator shall keep informed of innovations relating to the translation profession and its working tools and to his or her fields of specialization. He or she shall take advantage of every opportunity for vocational training offered by the employer or any other source, on the understanding that the employer will facilitate access to such means of training.