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How tradulex works for International Organizations


Projects assigned to tradulex by IOs to date have amounted to more than 20 million words. The bulk of the workload consisted of translations from French and Spanish into English, and from English into French and Spanish; we have also translated a few documents in other language combinations, such as into Arabic and Italian and into or from Portuguese.

The methodology used for IOs translations is the same as described under "How we work" in general terms. Nevertheless, due to the specificity of the documents to be translated, tradulex has put in place terminology resource persons who are independent from the coordinator and has given the translators the opportunity to consult bilingual specialists. This has proven to be very useful, especially when translating technical documents.

With regard to "terminology management", tradulex occasionally uses a terminologist, and once translations are delivered to the IO, the terminologist works closely with the coordinators to check for consistency and to update our records on an ongoing basis.

The tradulex approach aims to obtain quality despite the time constraints and to avoid post-translation work at the IO to the extent possible. We do our best to deliver documents ready for use, thereby avoiding additional editing and formatting, even when a special format is used, and thus we go well beyond the traditional "translation" function.

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